Flaky pastry

Students made flaky pastry from scratch today and used a range of fillings of their design





One thought on “Flaky pastry

  1. Sarah, Help!

    Hi Sarah i’m a food tech teacher at a large secondary school in North West London, JFS. I’m in my second year of teaching (1st yr at this school) so still quite new! The school has a really good sixth form but no provision for more vocational courses. I’ve been ask to start the process of setting up a BTEC Level 3 Diploma (120 credits) in hospitality and catering. I’ve got about a million questions to ask and would be really grateful if you wouldn’t mind answering some of them?

    For starters,
    Where is your school? (if its close enough could i arrange a visit?)
    Have you set up a professional kitchen? (as in solid top ranges, stainless steel work tops, patisserie kitchen?)
    What optional units do you teach on the subsidiary diploma?

    It would be great to hear from you!

    Thanks, Jennie
    email me direct if that’s easier jennie.watkinson’gmail.com

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