“Flipping” the learning in a classroom and “Student Lead Learning”

Flipped learning is a concept where by students access the topic or material to be learned during the lesson in advance. This allows for pupils to be familiar with the topic before the lesson and during lesson time AFL can be used to assess the depth of learning or understanding and if required reaffirm that learning. Usually students produce videos in the lesson to demonstrate their learning – we are yet to do this but intend to explore this as a class at a later date.

All theory topics and lesson resources, including existing resources are placed on the main school shared network under a food department folder. Students are able to access these resources at any point during their studies; in advance in preparation for a flipped learning lesson, after the lesson to reinvestigate areas where after AFL further learning was needed, to recap or reintroduce, to use as a revision guide in preparation for examinations.

As a class in advance we discuss which students will be “lead learners” or teachers for that particular lesson. A calendar is drawn up. Students are allocated topics and then shown where the associate / relevant material can be found on the shared network.students read around the topic and check their understanding with the teacher in advance. The lead learner then develops unique and creative teaching ways to assess the learning of the material or reaffirm it. This is a work in progress at the moment and so far students have covered the following topics within CAM (computer aided manufacture) and food manufacturing:

Laura Hewitt – Types of heat processing – “card sort activity and “snap”

Rachel Harrison – Pasteurisation, Sterilisation and Irradiation – “crosswords and word searches”

Victoria Hawksworth – Filling, forming and enrobing, extrusion and canning, chilling and freezing and types of drying – “speed dating” – writing titles around the room then in pairs questioning / testing the other about the learning to write the information in the posters

We have more students scheduled to lead the learning over the next term. Activities we would like to explore are different apps within the classroom including video making. Motivational music – a class favourite being the “Rocky” film theme tune. Rhymes and classroom songs to remember facts, different visual techniques and drama role play.

Allowing the students to have input, a say and comments on how they learn in the classroom develops teaching capabilities, appeals to their strengths as well as the teacher, allows for collaborative learning and progresses the learning.

Next step……. how do we involve parental feedback in our lessons? ……












2 thoughts on ““Flipping” the learning in a classroom and “Student Lead Learning”

  1. Great to see teachers that really care and put their heart into lesson planning and encouraging their students to have fun and enjoy learning! well done Sarah x

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